flexor digitorum longus

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flexor digitorum longus

the muscle that flexes the lateral four toes. It is involved with gripping the ground during walking and propelling the body forward off the toes at the end of the stance phase of gait. It is innervated by the tibial nerve.

flexor digitorum longus

; FDL extrinsic foot muscle, within deep compartment of lower-leg posterior muscle group
  • origin from medial part of posterior surface of tibia distal to soleal line

  • insertion tendon passes down posterior aspect of tibia, grooving medial posterior inferior margin of tibia (medial malleolus) and passing (deep to flexor retinaculum) into third layer of sole of foot, dividing into four tendons, each of which inserts into the plantar aspect of the terminal phalanx of a lesser toe

  • nerve supply tibial nerve

  • action flexion of metatarsophalangeal and interphalangeal joints of lesser toes; assists plantarflexion of ankle and foot inversion

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