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Abbreviation for fluorodeoxyglucose.


, fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose (floo?(o-)ro-de-ok?se-gloo'kos?) (floor'en?de-ok?se-gloo'kos?, floo'o-ren?de-ok?se-gloo'kos?),

FDG; fluorine-18 FDG.

A fluorinated radiographically visible glucose molecule that serves as a contrast agent. Synonym: fludeoxyglucose
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Differential diagnosis of n euro degenerative dementias using metabolic phenotypes on F-18 FDG PET/CT.
As part of the deal, FDG will invest $15m in cash and $30m in assets, licence for commercial EV and IP.
There is poor uptake of FDG in bronchoalveolar carcinoma, some adenocarcinomas and well-differentiated neuro-endocrine tumours.
4) Visualization of uptake in the cervical cords is common, especially if the child talks or cries after FDG injection.
Utilizing a muscle group during the uptake phase can also result in increased physiologic FDG activity.
It has been reported that FDG PET can significantly contribute to an accurate whole-body evaluation of multiple myeloma patients due to the ability to visualise highly energyconsuming cells such as tumour cells (7), (8).
CMS proposes to cover one FDG PET when performed to determine the location or extent of the tumor for the following purposes related to the initial treatment strategy:
Pre-operative FDG PET for axillary metastases in patients with breast cancer.
Section 2 builds on the evaluation of FDG in Anstey (2002: 2004) to offer three additional changes to the model.
We report a rare site of metastasis to the skeletal muscle in a case of lung cancer detected at initial staging with FDG PET-CT.
Selin Carkaci of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston announced that out of 41 women with inflammatory breast cancer managed with FDG PET/CT, the test was positive in 40 cases.