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Nationwide, there are 12,069 legally operated FM stations, according to the FCC.
What Dunifer and other micro broadcasters are doing, says FCC attorney David Silberman, amounts to "anarchy of the airwaves.
But the FCC, having brutalized UHF on its own, certainly did not want cable competitors piling on.
The FCC is setting itself up not only as America's latter-day ecclesiastical court and nanny but also as our official cultural critic.
But somehow during the course of the proceedings to consider these changes, the FCC asked whether commercial entities should be permitted to buy ITFS spectrum at an auction, the FCC's preferred mechanism for allocating scarce spectrum and squeezing out critically needed revenue for the federal government.
The FCC has provided no clear guidance on this question.
As FCC chairman Michael Powell has said, economies of scale and the falling prices of televisions will more than make up for any differential in the price of an external DTV box and an internal tuner card.
The FCC regulations adopted in 1996 required compliance by Sept.
Regrettably" said the FCC, "it has become clear that our actions have created less certainty rather than more, contrary to our intent.
Basically, the FCC moved $5 billion a year around,'' said Mark Cooper, director of research for the Consumer Federation of America.
According to Lipman, MFS is pleased with the mandatory virtual collocation scheme set forth by the FCC.