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More info: Send a SAE to: DPS, 6 Eyot House, Eyot St Lawrence, Welwyn, Herts, AL6 9BP or e-mail dps@btinternet.
Grade-II listed Eyot Cottage on the banks of the River Ock in Abingdon is surrounded by mature trees and shrubs, with a wooden bridge leading to its privately owned island.
His client, who was educated at Millfield School, Somerset, and lives with his parents at Wheatleys Eyot, Sunbury on Thames, Surrey, had worked for the Rothschild Partnership as a sales executive and marketing consultant.
ay Ape grAAl sundAE champAGne dAHlia Aid campAIGn strAIGHt bordelAIS bordelAISE trAIT RALph hALFpenny gAOl gAUge sAY bAYEd clAYEY suEde yEA CrEAGH LEAHEy passpiED purEE thEGn EH vEIl rEIGn slEIGH wEIGHEd PompEII bris-solEIL metiER demESne berET valETEd entremETS ricochETTEd thEY obEYEd EYOt rendEZvous pince-nEZEd [feng] shuI lingeriE, mouILLE fOEHn epopOEIa communiqUE bouqUET croqUETEd grYsbok
The island, deriving its name from Monk's Eyot - an old-English expression for island - has a four-star hotel, from pounds 117 per night B&B; call 01628- 623400.
AITS islets, especially ones on a river, as the airs or eyots of the river Thames, UK (OED)