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Middle-Eastern country that is home to 66.5 million people.
Egyptian splenomegaly - massive enlargement of the spleen caused by Schistosoma mansoni; often found in rural areas of Egypt.
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She also hailed the role played by Egypt in supporting Kuwait's indepedence, and in helping it devise its constitution, and how Eygpt hastened to stand up for Kuwait against the invasion launched by the defunct regime of Saddam Hussein, and took part in liberating Kuwait from such occupation.
Jimenez who arrived yesterday in Eygpt will move after that to Syria then to Jordan and lastly to Lebanon.
Israel occupied East Jerusalem, the rest of the West Bank, and Gaza in 1967 after war with Eygpt Sryia and Jordan.
Summary: Eygpt said on Thursday that it will allow Viva Palestina Aid Convey entry into Gaza via Al Arish seaport.
Although the Muslim Brotherhood would probably win a truly free election in Eygpt, its popularity is due largely to President Hosni Mubarak's refusal to permit a secular alternative to his party to take root.
The level of their artistry was known and appreciated by their contemporaries for a span covering some four thousand years from the ivory combs of Predynastic Eygpt, to the distinctive statuary of the Old Kingdom, to the impressive tomb paintings of the New Kingdom, to the painted portraits and jewelry surviving from the Egypt of the Ptolemaic and Roman eras.
Five headteachers were among those stranded in countries including Brazil, Poland, Tenerife, Eygpt, Denmark, Thailand and America.
Plain-clothes security officials stood by as ElBaradei, who has said he may run for president in an election due next year, urged around 700 people in a village in northeastern Eygpt to add their names to a petition calling for reform.
ESCWA''s report said the KSA, the UAE and Eygpt got a combined ratio of 76 percent of incoming foreign investment flows to the region, while businesses increased in Bahrain, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.
There is no Africa without its traditional rulers--the link goes right back to Ancient Eygpt.
Monument was staged to give Newcastle's 'best belly' a trip to Sharm el Sheikh, Eygpt - with the lucky winner getting the chance to win a seven-night holiday from airline Jet2.
Another craftsman accustomed to preparatory sketching is Ahme Eid from Eygpt.