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Middle-Eastern country that is home to 66.5 million people.
Egyptian splenomegaly - massive enlargement of the spleen caused by Schistosoma mansoni; often found in rural areas of Egypt.
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She writes for a publication in her native Eygpt and one in France.
Spirit of Africa: The treasures of Eygpt are on their way to the city.
Although the political situation is clearer than it was last week, investors still have many questions about the next political step in Eygpt.
But the average spend with TUI was up 10 per cent as more people were opting for all-inclusive holidays as a way of controlling their spending, with Eygpt and Turkey among the most popular destinations.
She also received condolences' telegrams from Speaker Nabih Berri, Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Former Prime Minister Salim Al-Hoss, Eygpt Ambassador to Lebanon Ahmed Fouad ALBidyawi as well as from other political, media and religious figures MRs.
Historians say when Eygpt fell to the Arabs, our people generally came south of Egypt and dispersed across Africa.
Personnel partner, Annie Messropian, 22, is splashing out on a holiday to Eygpt.
MORE MEDALS Sarah Stevenson, left, in action against Noha Abd Rabo of Eygpt in her bronze medal match.
Many countries, such as Eygpt, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil and Canada have implemented this move,' he said.
We have established some excellent distributors over many years, and this year we hope to establish sales in Romania, Eygpt, Vietnam and Slovenia.
Saudi Arabia, regarded as the minnows of Group E, could frustrate Mick McCarthy's side, just Eygpt almost made Jack Charlton blow a fuse in the 1994 World Cup in the US.