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A pair of movable folds of skin which act as protective coverings of the eye. The upper eyelid extends downward from the eyebrow and is the more moveable of the two. When the eye is open and looking straight ahead, it just covers the upper part of the cornea; when it is closed, it covers the whole cornea. The lower eyelid reaches just below the cornea when the eye is open and rises only slightly when it shuts. Each eyelid consists of the following layers, starting anteriorly: (1) skin, (2) a layer of subcutaneous connective tissue, (3) a layer of striated muscle fibres of the orbicularis muscle, (4) a layer of submuscular connective tissue, (5) a fibrous layer, including the tarsal plates, (6) a layer of smooth muscle, (7) the palpebral conjunctiva. Syn. blephara; lids; palpebrae. See ablephary; blepharitis; ciliosis; ectropion; entropion; epicanthus; lid eversion; eyelid lamella; lagophthalmos; palpebral ligament; myokymia; orbital septum; phthiriasis; Cogan's lid twitch sign; Collier's sign; Dalrymple's sign; inferior palpebral sulcus; superior palpebral sulcus; tarsorrhaphy; tarsus; xanthelasma.
eyelids lamella The eyelid is sometimes conceptualized as consisting of an anterior and a posterior lamella. The anterior lamella consists of the skin, the layer of subcutaneous connective tissue and the layer of striated muscle fibres of the orbicularis muscle. The posterior lamella consists of the tarsal plates, a layer of smooth muscle (Müller's palpebral muscle), and the palpebral conjunctiva.
eyelids retractor muscles The eyelid muscles that open the palpebral aperture. The upper eyelid is elevated by the levator palpebrae superioris muscle and the superior tarsal muscle (of Müller) and the lower eyelid is depressed by the inferior tarsal muscle (of Müller).


n.pl a moveable fold of thin skin over the eye. The orbicularis oculi muscle and the oculomotor nerve control the opening and closing of the eyelid.

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Q. eyelids what causes your eye lids too twitch? my left eye lid has been twitching on and off for about a week what causes it and how can i get it to stop.

A. Not an answer, just another question - how long can this go on? My eyelid has been twitching, (likely lack of sleep) for almost a month now. Any treatment that I should seek?

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In the effort to subdue by dint of talking and to keep in check the mysterious, the profound attraction he felt already for that delicate being of flesh and blood, with pale cheeks, with darkened eyelids and eyes scalded with hot tears, he went on speaking of himself as a confirmed enemy of life on shore--a perfect terror to a simple man, what with the fads and proprieties and the ceremonies and affectations.
But on this night Saxon did not win to sleep quickly; the little creeping mother came and went; and in the intervals the face of Billy, with the cloud-drifted, sullen, handsome eyes, burned against her eyelids.
As he turned aside his face a minute, I saw a tear slide from under the sealed eyelid, and trickle down the manly cheek.
In the twinkling of an eyelid, the Cat leaped on him, and ate him, feathers and all.
An important step in treating and preventing MGD is massaging the eyelids in a vertical motion to unblock the glands.
Sit down facing a light source, then gently pull back the upper and lower eyelids and look carefully in the eye.
A significant difference was found between PRTT values for upper eyelids and lower eyelids (P = 0.
Her brow is lower than before, which can happen after eyelid surgery EYES The biggest change is that Renee appears to have had skin and fat removed from her upper eyelids, resulting in a wide-eyed look SKIN Her smooth skin is likely to be the result of Botox jabs, combined with skin-firming treatments such as ultrasound to fight ageing LIPS Her lips look thinner than before.
A: In addition to upper and lower eyelids, cats have a third eyelid that is much more developed than it is in humans.
AYES, this is commonly used for cleaning the eyelids in a condition called blepharitis, inflammation of the eyelids where daily eyelid hygiene is advised to keep symptoms at bay.
The Daiso Japanese retail chain is stocking the adhesive beauty product that helps change the shape of a user's eyelids.