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a liquid medicine that is administered by allowing it to fall in drops onto the conjunctival surface.
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Eyedrop administration


Any medicinal substance dropped in liquid form onto the conjunctiva.

In applying eyedrops, the head should be held back; the drops will not pass from under the upper lid to under the lower lid or vice versa. The smaller the eyedrops, the better. Too much liquid in the eye causes the patient to blink, and the medication is then washed away by the increased lacrimal secretion.


Many medicines are not absorbed from the conjunctiva; they may be readily absorbed from the nasolacrimal duct. For this reason, esp. in children, it is advisable to close off the duct by applying pressure to the inner canthus of the eye for a few minutes after each instillation.
See: Opthalmic Drops and Ointments

Patient discussion about eyedrops

Q. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and she told me that Visine was not very good for my eyes. Why is that? I like to use a few drops every other day to make me feel fresh and remove the redness from my eyes. Do you know if I need to watch out or use another product?

A. try refresh its like your own tears,REFRESH eye drops

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Now our challenge is ensuring that its antiscarring properties can also thrive within a formulation which can be applied as an eye drop.
Some people find they run out of their glaucoma eye drops early--especially when they still are learning how to apply the drops properly.
The NDI was found to be correlated with the age of patient, period of eye drop usage, number of drops instilled at a time and daily repetition number of the eye drops.
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Doctor, I've been using these over-the counter eye drops several times a day.
Prescription options may include Lacrisert, a small, clear insert that dissolves throughout the day to stabilize the eye's tear film, and Restasis (cyclosporine A) eye drops, which increase tear production.
And Graham attributed Asif's failed test to a new eye drop, Keratyl, which the bowler took for an inflamed eye without knowing the medicine contained nandrolone.
If you are still having trouble, use a lubricating eye drop, like Optrex Dry Eyes Lubricating Gel and consult an optometrist.
An anti-inflammatory eye drop called Restasis is FDA-approved for the condition.
Most parents reported their children tolerated treatment well, but parents of children in the eye drop group generally were more satisfied with treatment than parents of children in the eye patch group.
NYSE: ACL), the world's leader in eye care, announced the launch of Systane([R]) BALANCE Lubricant Eye Drops, the newest lubricant eye drop in the Systane([R]) family of products.