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The virus A/duck/Vietnam/NCVD-664/2010 that carried the H275Y mutation was predictably identified as an extreme outlier for peramivir with a 415-fold increase in [IC.
All failed grades for PC and PS assays were extreme outliers, which was similar to the AT assay and suggested accurate grading.
In Task 3, participants reported the class in which the highest number of extreme outliers occurred (Figure 7).
This conservative approach identified outliers that may have a significant clinical impact and corresponded to the most extreme outliers in Fig.
In a Microsoft blog, Shum called Google's accusation "a spy-novelesque stunt to generate extreme outliers in tail query ranking" that doesn't accurately portray how Microsoft uses "opt-in customer data" to fine-tune its search experience.
Standard CPI is the traditional measure for inflation, but a few extreme outliers (such as the price of fuel) can throw off the average; thus the median is a more robust statistic to estimate the central tendency in the data.
It should also be noted that often in practice, a dataset becomes skewed due to the presence of a few extreme outliers and /or mixture samples with varying degree of contamination.
Extreme outliers were dampened by making a rate four times that of natural fertility (44.