obturator externus muscle

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ob·tu·ra·tor ex·ter·nus mus·cle

(ob-tū-rā'tōr eks-ter'nŭs mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, lower half of margin of obturator foramen and adjacent part of external surface of obturator membrane; insertion, trochanteric fossa of greater trochanter; action, rotates thigh laterally; nerve supply, obturator.
Synonym(s): musculus obturatorius externus [TA] , external obturator muscle.
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Physiological variations include an extra penile alternative arterial system from the external obturator or iliac arteries; (6) this important vasculature explains the rarity of ischemic gangrene of the penis.
Theoretically, on the outside-to-in approach, if you hit the edge of the foramen and then scrape down to get through the membrane, you could lacerate those vessels, and there have been external obturator groin hematomas reported with this," he said.

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