extensor pollicis longus muscle

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ex·ten·sor pol·li·cis lon·gus mus·cle

(eks-ten'sŏr pol'i-sis long'gus mŭs'ĕl)
Muscle of posterior (extensor) compartment of forearm; origin, posterior surface of middle of shaft of ulna; insertion, dorsal aspect of base of distal phalanx of thumb; action, extends distal phalanx of thumb; nerve supply, radial (posterior interosseous).
Synonym(s): long extensor muscle of thumb, musculus extensor pollicis longus.
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The investigations showed an accessory extensor pollicis longus muscle which was also found in a third extensor compartment.
Variation of extensor pollicis longus muscle is a rare anatomical anomaly (Wang & Weiss, 2013) but knowledge of it, is immense significant because it plays an important role especially during radiological diagnosis and surgical procedures such as reconstructive surgery.
Specifically, the authors (5) required the subjects to perform simultaneous isometric muscle actions of the flexor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis longus muscles for the purpose of stiffening the interphalangeal joint of the thumb and producing zero net force.

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