exponential growth

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log·a·rith·mic phase

exponential, a period in the course of growth of a bacterial culture in which maximal multiplication is occurring by geometric progression; thus, if the logarithms of their numbers are plotted against time, they will form a straight upward line.

exponential growth

strictly speaking that of a population where rate of growth is proportional to its population size, but is often used to mean an ever increasing growth.
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Qatar Airways, the state-owned flag carrier, has been rising at an exponential rate in latest years.
Supporters include the governors of more than 20 states, the National Association of Counties, thousands of homeowners impacted by exponential rate increases, Realtors, homebuilders and bankers.
April 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Macrosoft's April Fools' Webpage and Video presents a lighthearted spoof that the Internet is slowing down at an exponential rate due to the rise of social media's bit proliferation clogging the digital pathways.
Mobile data traffic is expected to continue growing at an exponential rate.
Text-happy customers like Newcastle's Jackie Darley, 20, are sending SMS's at an exponential rate, with a 250 percent increase in texting since the 2006-2007 financial year.
Inflation will continue increase at an exponential rate.
In fact, technology is accelerating away from health care at an exponential rate.
Taiwan's major power-supply makers branching out into LED lighting manufacturing, estimate sales of their LED lamps to grow at am exponential rate this year.
sector of the economy which will now surge ahead at an exponential rate.
At that exponential rate of increase, eight billion must happen within two or three years.
The economic predicament the country finds itself in means companies are fundamentally changing the way in which they operate in an effort to survive, and I expect Cloud adoption to grow at an exponential rate.
Our present views of recession reflect our expectation that a healthy economy grows at a rapid exponential rate.

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