exponential distribution

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ex·po·nen·tial dis·tri·bu·tion

the time until failure of a process at constant hazard.
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Bayesian Interval Estimate: When 1 , , n X X K are independent and identically distributed exponential random variables, Kapur and Lamberson (1977) showed
This is because the mean of each exponential random variable, modelling the jumps, is the reciprocal of its parameter.
Theorem 1: Let X and Y be independent and identically distributed exponential random variables with parameter [beta].
exponential random variables with mean 1 as edge costs, the expected minimum value of the sum of k pairwise disjoint edges (this is called a partial assignment) is
i1], i [greater than or equal to] 1,j [greater than or equal to] 1 are independent exponential random variables with [beta].
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