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The practice of expanding into individual units a group of diagnostic or procedural test codes—based on the 4th edition of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding promulgated by the American Medical Association—that might have been previously included as a ‘panel’, to maximise reimbursement from third party payers
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We caught up with Exploding Eyes frontman Robbie Brady to find out what's rockin'.
The exploding star is in a relatively empty portion of the sky labeled "anonymous" in the faint constellation Canes Venatici.
Since Ntaracua have soldiers, it's especially surprising to see workers exploding," Robert Hanus, biochemist at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, told Science.
BEIRUT: Farid Zaynoun, the head of the union of workers and distributors in the gas sector, has warned that some six million aging gas canisters currently on the market are at risk of exploding and has urged the government to act quickly to replace.
Syrians insisted the damage to the bus was caused exclusively by the exploding tire.
Eleven crews of more than 40 firefighters from Barry, Penarth and Cardiff set up a 150m cordon and battled to cool the surrounding cannisters and prevent them exploding.
If it's between not winning and my head exploding, I'll take my head exploding,'' he said that day.
Projecting from their interiors are flashing, internally lit blue, red, green, and orange glass rods, which mimic exploding firecrackers.
THE EXPLODING HEARTS WERE A BAND ON THE RISE--in March they released their debut album, Guitar Romantic to acclaim from critics and fans alike.
FIREFIGHTERS had to cool down a steel storage container to prevent gas cylinders exploding during a fire in Nuneaton.
Varmints might turn your stomach with its graphic imagery of exploding prairie dogs, but it's a balanced treatment, letting its interview subjects either elucidate or hang themselves.
Exploding wires are listed as a possible factor in the crash of a navy jet in 1986 and in at least a dozen other cases in which military aircraft have faced a power loss or fire but managed to land safely.