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Informed written consent was taken from all patients by explaining the risks and benefits of the study, use of data for research and publication and details of exercise tolerance test.
Effect of exercise training supervised cardiac rehabilitation programs on prognostic variables from the exercise tolerance test.
VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption during maximal physical exercise and is measured by exercise tolerance test or Bruce test with walking on treadmill) and diastolic function of 8-scssion group.
Submaximal Clinical Exercise Tolerance Test - Case Example 1 (Jerry Mode: Schwinn AirDyne[TM] Cycle Ergometer Resting HR: 68 AAMHR: 162 * Resting BP: 136/76 85%AAMHR: 138 * Min Workload HR BP RPE 0-2 20 W 94 1 2-4 40 W 107 138/78 2 4-6 60 W 117 4 6-8 80 W 136 152/80 7 Test Interpretation: Moderate intensity arm/leg ergometry tolerated well.
Results of echocardiography parameters and exercise tolerance test and also myocardial perfusion scan were taken from the patients before EECP treatment and recorded in check list.
All patients underwent symptom-limited Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT) using the Bruce protocol according to standard guidelines.
2]: the highest amount of oxygen used as measured during an exercise tolerance test.
The diagnosis is made with the patient's history; ECG and sometimes an exercise tolerance test called an ETT.
This tests gives the doctor the same type of information as the exercise tolerance test.
Before starting an exercise program, have a complete physical exam, including a standardized exercise tolerance test.
Although it is best determined by an exercise tolerance test, it can be estimated to be 220 minus your age.
Diagnostic services will also be offered, giving patients easy access to echocardiography (echo), exercise tolerance test (ETT), electrocardiogram (ECG) and holter monitoring facilities.

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