resistance training

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resistance training

any method or form of strength training used to resist, overcome, or bear force.

resistance training

Weight training Sports medicine Exercising muscle(s) against weight. See Exercise.

re·sis·tance train·ing

(rĕ-zis'tăns trān'ing)
Using weights (e.g., dumbbell, barbell, machine), technique chronically loads a muscle group in an attempt to increase strength over time (some techniques include progressive resistance, isometric, and isokinetic weight training).

strength training

training achieved by working dynamically against high loads or statically against fixed resistances. In both cases the forces involved must be such that relatively few repetitions are possible without a substantial rest period. A sustained strength-training programme will progressively increase the loads and number of lifts over a period of months, the exercises being performed in several sets, each embodying a specified number of repetitions. In the first 2-3 months the main improvement in strength is attributable to increased recruitment of motor units within the pre-existing muscle mass (the 'neural phase' of strength training); thereafter, increase of muscle fibre diameters is the major factor ('hypertrophic phase'). aka resistance training. See also weight training.
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Once your full range of movement is available and you have started low level balance work you can start with simple strengthening exercises like calf raises, tip toe walking, and exercise band work.
Do your aching neck and shoulders a favor by "rowing" with a flexible exercise band, says Scott Danberg, director of fitness of Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa in Miami.
A mild roar went up inside the Garden when, with 4:44 left in the first quarter, O'Neal, after stretching out his right leg with the aid of an exercise band at the end of the bench, removed his warm-up jersey and made his way to the scorer's table.
Doing step-ups and push-ups alongside squats and lunges using an exercise band will also give the same effect.
Calf raises: stand in an erect position and lift off floor with your toes; do two to three sets of 20 reps, or grab an exercise band, place one end around top of foot and the other around a bench, then flex five to 10 times.
Grasping an exercise band in both hands, hold your bow arm in line with your shoulders and your bow hand at shoulder height.
When her white blood cell count fell during chemotherapy, Fallen would work out at home using an exercise band or by walking outdoors.
TO HELP you get in shape for the New Year, we've got a free exercise band for every reader
Ben was given a series of resistance exercises to do at home using a stretchy exercise band.
You will need some equipment, including a yoga mat, small pillow or towel, exercise band, a chair - and preferably a mirrored room.
Try 3 sets of 15 repetitions, using an exercise band for resistance.
So far there is only one prototype of the cushion and exercise band - and both will be handed in as part of Joanne's project.