executive information system

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executive information system



Software that extracts crucial data about the operations of a health care enterprise, e.g., patient volume, patient flow, patient satisfaction, morbidity, mortality, targeted objectives, costs, and inventories.
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The Executive Support Systems as Innovative Tools for the Evaluation of Financial Projects, Journal of Information Systems and Operations Management 3(2): 370-377.
To make these informational resources a manageable executive asset, specialized software packages called executive support systems summarize relevant data and offer it to the user in either textual or graphical presentations.
Users of information management systems will have increased capabilities and flexibility through artificial intelligence (officers may talk into computers that "learn" from past information), video teleconferencing (a witness from California may appear "live" at a trial in New York), and executive support systems that "look" for similar modus operandi in high-priority crimes and perhaps assist in pinpointing serial criminals.

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