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Process in which a medical transcriptionist makes minor changes in a dictated report such as grammatical errors, inconsistencies, redundancies, or inappropriate remarks without altering the dictator's style.
See also: verbatim transcription


a system that has evolved to correct errors occurring during DNA REPLICATION. The DNA POLYMERASE enzymes involved in DNA replication possess an EXONUCLEASE activity, which serves a ‘proofreading’ and ‘editing’ function. Mistakes, in terms of MISMATCH OF BASES, due to the wrong BASE being inserted during replication, are searched for and excised.
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Gyllenhaal, 59, has been The Miami Herald's executive editor since 2007.
The German Times" will be a platform and place of European dialog and give the German EU-Presidency tailwind," emphasizes Executive Editor Theo Sommer, former Editor in Chief and Executive Editor of Die ZEIT.
For example, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, which launched 5 years ago, initially publishes online the submissions that make a first cut as "discussion papers," explains executive editor Ulrich Poschl.
Executive editor Susan Nunziata won for an article titled "Weighing The Hits, '78 vs '03: Blockbusters Bring In More Bucks, Fewer Folks.
Journalist Bill Mann worked for Aarons at The Oakland Tribune during the years when Aarons was features editor, then executive editor.
600, San Francisco, CA 94102; Natasha Spring, Executive Editor, One Hallidie Plaza, Ste.
While I have been executive editor of BIBR for a relatively short time, I became aware of and excited about its potential well before its actual birth.
Spada joined AFS as an assistant editor in 1997 and earned promotions to associate, managing and executive editor.
This is the only meeting for editors that focuses on professional improvement," says Willie Vogt, executive editor for Farm Progress Companies.
Let Executive Editor Dingle guide you through the uncertainties of today's investment climate.
Mike Masterson, former executive editor of the Northwest Arkansas Times, will begin in April writing an opinion column three times a week for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
Lorraine Branham, the former Tallahassee Democrat executive editor who was asked to step down last year, lands in Pittsburgh, as assistant to the publisher of the Post-Gazette.

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