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Process in which a medical transcriptionist makes minor changes in a dictated report such as grammatical errors, inconsistencies, redundancies, or inappropriate remarks without altering the dictator's style.
See also: verbatim transcription


a system that has evolved to correct errors occurring during DNA REPLICATION. The DNA POLYMERASE enzymes involved in DNA replication possess an EXONUCLEASE activity, which serves a ‘proofreading’ and ‘editing’ function. Mistakes, in terms of MISMATCH OF BASES, due to the wrong BASE being inserted during replication, are searched for and excised.
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Bennett's full-time job as executive editor of Ebony often demands 10-hour days in the office on South Michigan Avenue in Chicago.
As executive editor, Tate will oversee the newspaper's reporting, sports, features and photography operations.
Carl "Butch" Antonlini has been named general manager; he remains executive editor, a job he's held since August 2005.
Now executive editor, Raines this year announced that the Times would join the growing number of papers that print same-sex commitment ceremony announcements alongside its wedding notices.
After this issue Susan, who has been our executive editor since BIBR was a mere glimmer in our eyes, will move on to her role as special projects editor at Essence magazine.
The executive editor of the San Jose Mercury News on Sunday wrote an open letter to readers, admitting to shortcomings in the newspaper's controversial series on the crack cocaine explosion in Los Angeles in the 1980s.
We are excited to be extending the reach of our conference through emerging media," said Tamara Conniff, Executive Editor at Billboard.
Lawrence McConnell has been appointed executive editor of The Roanoke Times, succeeding Joe Stinnett, who has retired.
Steve Kozarovich has been named publisher; previously, he was executive editor of The Tribune and the Evening News of Jeffersonville, Ind.
Former editor of The Indianapolis Star Terry Eberle will replace Derek Osenenko as executive editor at Florida Today, and Osenenko will move on to become executive editor of the Cherry Hill (N.
The key finding of the series that people associated with the CIA also sold many tons of cocaine has not been challenged,'' Mercury News Executive Editor Jerry Ceppos said Friday in a telephone interview.

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