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William, English physician, 1848-1929. See: Ewart procedure, Ewart sign.
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color) Burn victim Michael Ewart, 16, has started a new foundation to promote the use of working smoke detectors.
Our users have proven that DVD video is an effective medium for communicating what's happening in the real world," said Norton Ewart, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Red Hen Systems.
DESPITE undergoing horrific torture at the hands of the Gestapo Robert `Jock' Ewart refused to give away the details of his secret mission.
Paul Ewart (23) was jailed for eight years for the attack alongside the Birmingham to Worcester canal in Edgbaston on October 28 last year.
In connection with the $300,000 raised from non-insiders, a cash fee of 7% or $21,000 was paid to Lucas Ewart.
Helen Petit, Lesley Ewart and Julia Johnson ran in the same race as the Denby Dale team and finished in sixth place with a combined time of 61.
JODI EWART hopes the top women's golfers can put on a show this week to help discourage sexism in the sport.
The flag was placed by Eston resident Geoff Ewart as a tribute to murdered soldier, Lee Rigby.
James Ewart leaves no stone unturned in his search for winners - and he now has the world's best artificial surface to train his horses on.
Mazhar Rashid, 43, was told he will serve a minimum of 17 years for killing 27-year-old mum Emma Ewart.
Gavin Ewart was given the go-ahead by Sheriff Robert McCreadie to attend his brother Andrew's marriage at Murrayshall Hotel in Perth tonight.
JODI Ewart became the first North East golfer - male or female - to hold tour cards for both the main European and American circuits at the same time.