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The evildoers (Hirabahists) see the Third Jihad as a way to seek their utopian vision of restoring Islamic rule to all lands ever ruled by Muslims but now governed by Christians, Jews, and apostate Muslims.
As long as our notions of security are built on the myth of well-meaning Americans versus ever-threatening evildoers who embody original sin, we can never dispense with the evildoers.
As hearers enter this scene they are told that Jesus is crucified with two evildoers, one on his right and one on his left.
ANOTHER REASON WE'RE MORE COMFORTABLE WITH THE Commandments is that the commandments accuse the obviously guilty; that is, they are aimed at the sort of evildoers that decent, honest, righteous folk might consider guilty.
Therefore in an attempt to live ethically, I admit to you that I am a lawbreaking evildoer.
We'll have to attack these brown evildoers immediately.
Not so good for the evildoers, if I do say so myself.
These objects can lead to operating system malfunctions and open breaches that can he exploited by evildoers.
Webber does its harm by installing a proxy server by which evildoers can send out any data held on infected machines.
If war were permissible in a broad sense merely for the sake of peace, merely to avenge injuries, and merely to restrain evildoers - as McBride suggests of Aquinas and Augustine - every nation could justifiably be at war with each other.
We should try to understand the psychology of evildoers," he said.
Rodgers outlines the cyberthreatscape and discusses government initiatives to safeguard the country from digital evildoers in a recent paper, "Protecting America Against Cyber Terrorism," in the State Department's electronic journal US.