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subtropical swamp area located in southern Florida.
Everglades virus - virus producing symptoms from mild influenza-like illness to encephalitis syndrome; found only in the state of Florida.
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This is a terrific milestone that validates the investment made by FECR, Port Everglades, the State of Florida and Broward County.
The Everglades region is home to a variety of wildlife, including several endangered species.
The Everglades restoration is the largest project of its kind in the world, estimated to cost upwards of $8 billion, shared 50/50 by the state and federal governments, over three decades.
The program will feature remarks and a fascinating discussion of conservation efforts in the United States, particularly as they have impacted the Everglades, including restoration policy and the relationship between sustainable agriculture and the renewal of natural landscapes.
Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell today applauded Florida Governor Rick Scott s announcement that the State of Florida will support the next phase of bridge construction on the Tamiami Trail in the Everglades.
The Everglades have endured enough catastrophes without this.
What do the Everglades and Madagascar have in common?
relates the history of the Florida Everglades through the lives of the people who live there.
X, [sections] 17 of the Florida Constitution, created a trust fund for purposes of conservation and natural resource protection in the Everglades.
They had escaped forced relocation by the government and wanted to live quietly without disturbance, so they sought refuge in the Everglades.
The Federal Reserve initially released millions of Everglades National Park quarters into circulation in November, with a special release in Florida to coincide with the official quarter launch in December.

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