Evans, William


William, English physician, 1895–.
Evans disease - familial form of cardiomegaly often accompanied by intracardiac thrombosis; sudden death may occur. Synonym(s): familial cardiomegaly
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Farriery Training Agency: Sean Broadfoot, Steven Butler, Richard Elkins, Mark Evans, William Hampson, Benjamin Hart, James Hiatt, James Hines, Ninian Johnson-Ferguson, Clive Kirby, Lee Morris, Kaye Nelson, Duncan Riley, Claire Simpson, John Sutherland, Philip Thum-wood, Scott Topham, Richard Wilkins, Peter Woods.
Evans, William Arthur, son of a founding member of Bonar Presbyterian Church, Port NcNicoll, ON, and a member, elder and faithful worker of that church for many years, died on May 16, 2004,at age 71.
This exchange involved Milton Evans, William Poteat, Rufus Weaver, and Charles H.
Stanton Evans, William Rusher, and other right-wing eminences, seeks to redress that imbalance.
MAUI, Hawaii -- The Maui Celebrity Series at The Hard Rock Cafe on Friday, December 18th, 2009 with Brian Evans, William Shatner, and Davy Jones on Maui.
On Whittle Dene, the northern reservoir has again proved the best, with a great catch of roach and gudgeon made by C Goodall weighing 14lb, while Brian Evans, William King and Nigel Bleanbley also reported double-figure catches.
Also at the meeting, Board Members Evans, William Cullen, Richard Jennewine, Robert Lewis and Lindley Branson were elected to serve as Directors for the ensuing year.
The Agribusiness Unit will also include Catherine Besselman, Gregg Evans, William Fischer and Bin Zhang.
Five of the eight men (Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans) would go forward, the other three men (Teddy Evans, William Lashly and Tom Crean) would return.
Others honored at the walk have included Robert Conrad, Amanda Blake, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, William S.