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During the week the average daily cup count at Sant Eustachio is 2,500.
Asked why II Caffe Sant Eustachio remains a single bat operation with neighborhood business, even as it draws such a huge crowd from near and far, Roberto explains, "That's because every quarter in Rome likes a different taste in coffee.
But it is not for Sant Eustachio, there are too many people who come here for many years knowing exactly how our coffee should taste.
This refers to the legend whereby a young pagan aristocrat by the name of Eustachio was pursuing his favorite pastime of hunting when he happened upon a magnificent stag, crowned by the most impressive antlers the hunter had ever seen.
This small relatively quiet piazza is unassuming, although it holds two points of interest to contemporary visitors: the dominating bulk of the Basilica Sant Eustachio which has stood here for a thousand years, and the very small espresso bar called Il Caffe Sant Eustachio, which has been here only since 1938 (although long enough to become famous in its own right).
Now for the famous Sant Eustachio espresso, made cup by cup to order.
A Roman will tell you that there is no other coffee like it; that Sant Eustachio has a cult following; that the coffee recipe is a secret; that the baristas do something mysterious to the coffee which they discreetly hide from view as they work.
On expecting the quality and plantation origins of green beans purchased, it becomes clear why the Sant Eustachio cup is so smooth and naturally sweet.
International 714 Motta 605 Procaffe 627 Vittoria Coffee 1005 Sant' Eustachio Il Cafe 300 Y.
Eustachio, where female officers had to be present as well.
Ida was born in Southbridge, MA, the daughter of the late Eustachio and Giovina (Santelli) Smarelli, and lived in Southbridge all of her life.