European blastomycosis

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European blastomycosis


1. a disseminated or localized infection with Blastomyces spp.
2. infection with any yeastlike organism.

cheloidal blastomycosis
an unsightly but innocuous disease of bottlenosed dolphins and humans. Characterized by the presence of red, hard, smooth cutaneous nodules. Caused by infection with a fungus, Loboa loboi.
cutaneous blastomycosis
the skin form of North American blastomycosis.
disseminated blastomycosis
North American blastomycosis in which lesions are present in most internal parenchymatous organs.
equine blastomycosis
see epizootic lymphangitis.
European blastomycosis
keloidal blastomycosis
see cheloidal blastomycosis (above).
North American blastomycosis
infection by Blastomyces dermatitidis which causes primary granulomatous or pyogranulomatous lesions in the lungs. Secondarily, lesions may occur in the skin, eyes, bone and elsewhere. A disease of dogs, cats and humans. Food animals in the same environment are not reported to be affected. Although the disease was originally recorded in North America and is endemic in some areas of the USA, it is now known to occur in Central and South America.
South American blastomycosis


emanating from or pertaining to Europe.

European bat lyssavirus
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European blastomycosis
European brown hare syndrome
a highly fatal necrotizing hepatitis caused by a calicivirus, occurs naturally and only in Lepus europeus (European hare) and Lepus timidus (Northern hare). Proposed as a possible progenitor virus for rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus.
European buffalo
the true buffalo of the Old World (Bubalus bubalis), not the bison. Includes many breeds and varieties. Used for milk, meat and draft. Dark gray to black in color, often with white on the head, tail and feet. Called also Indian buffalo.
European cattle breeds
include aquitaine blond, belgian blue, brown swiss, central and upper belgian, charolais, chiana, friesian, holstein-friesian, limousin, maine-anjou, marche, piedmont, pinzgau, romagna, simmental, steppe.
European chick flea
European feedlot
see European feedlot.
European harvest mite
see trombiculaautumnalis.
European mistletoe
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European swamp fever
European swine fever
see classical swine fever.
European yew
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