European bat lyssavirus

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European bat Lyssavirus

two species (1 & 2) causing rabieslike diseases in humans in Europe; transmitted by bite of insectivorous bats.

Eu·ro·pe·an bat lys·sa·vi·rus

(yūr'ŏ-pē-ăn bat lis'ă-vī'rŭs)
Two forms (1 and 2) causing rabieslike diseases in humans in Europe; transmitted by bite of insectivorous bats.


emanating from or pertaining to Europe.

European bat lyssavirus
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European brown hare syndrome
a highly fatal necrotizing hepatitis caused by a calicivirus, occurs naturally and only in Lepus europeus (European hare) and Lepus timidus (Northern hare). Proposed as a possible progenitor virus for rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus.
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the true buffalo of the Old World (Bubalus bubalis), not the bison. Includes many breeds and varieties. Used for milk, meat and draft. Dark gray to black in color, often with white on the head, tail and feet. Called also Indian buffalo.
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include aquitaine blond, belgian blue, brown swiss, central and upper belgian, charolais, chiana, friesian, holstein-friesian, limousin, maine-anjou, marche, piedmont, pinzgau, romagna, simmental, steppe.
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