Euglena gracilis

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Eu·gle·na grac·'i·lis

an abundant species sometimes used in assaying vitamin B12 concentrations of serum and urine in various types of anemia.
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According to a paper on the research, users draw patterns on a touchscreen over a magnified view of light-sensitive Euglena gracilis.
Rapid ecotoxicological bioassay of nickel and cadmium using motility and photosynthetic parameters of Euglena gracilis.
Using the green flagellate Euglena gracilis Klebs as physiological dosimeter: is a long-term bioassay more significant than a short-term one?
Simulation of phototaxis in the flagellate Euglena gracilis.
2+]-conducting, stretch-sensitive ion channels in the cell membrane of Euglena gracilis are involved in gravitaxis; and a further indication is that a modulation of the electrical membrane potential is one element in the signal transduction chain.