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eth·yl (Et),

The hydrocarbon radical, CH3CH2-.


/eth·yl/ (eth´il) the monovalent radical, C2H5.
ethyl chloride  a local anesthetic sprayed on intact skin to produce anesthesia by superficial freezing caused by its rapid evaporation.


The hydrocarbon radical CH3CH2-.


the monovalent radical, C2H5.

ethyl alcohol
see ethyl alcohol; called also ethanol and grain alcohol.
ethyl aminobenzoate
ethyl carbamate
ethyl chloride
a local anesthetic applied topically to intact skin. It has a very low boiling point and the skin is temporarily frozen and insensitive to pain.
ethyl lactate
an antibacterial agent used in shampoos.

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Q. Does anyone know an over the counter alternative to Lovaza, omega-3 acid ethyl esters? too expensive at Dr

A. there are all sort of companies that sell Omega-3, i buy from a company named Alsepa, but there are dozens of companies. but don't be tempted to buy a very cheap one, because they can be less purified.

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A rigorous experimental protocol, recently completed at Argonne National Laboratory, has demonstrated that ethyl lactate outperforms all conventional solvents for degreasing applications.
Ethyl lactate works in a multitude of microelectronic chemical applications and offers the benefit of extreme purity.
Ethyl lactate has low toxicity and excellent biodegradability properties.
Ethyl lactate is the first `green' chemical derived from lactide.