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/eth·no·bot·a·ny/ (-bot´ah-ne) the systematic study of the interactions between a culture and the plants in its environment, particularly the knowledge about and use of such plants.


Herbal medicine
The field of alternative healthcare that formally studies the relationship between plants and a population, in particular the medicinal use of plants by an ethnic group. The ethonobotanical approach to drug discovery is more efficient than random searches for plant-derived agents of therapeutic interest; drugs so discovered include aspirin (Filipendula ulmaria), codeine (Papaver somniferum), ipecac (Psychotria ipecacuanha), pilocarpine (Pilocarpus jaborandi), reserpin (Rauvolfia serpentina), theophylline (Camelia sinensis) and vinblastine (Cantharanthus roseus).


(ethnō-botă-nē )
A study of the role of plants in the life of early humankind.

ethnobotany (ethˈ·nō·bˑ·t·nē),

n study of how societies perceive and categorize plants and use them for food, medicine, and ritual.
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An ethno-botanist in the natural products industry, Hughes describes selected aspects and selected examples of incense in order to alert readers to the nature, variety, and scope of plants that are used--mostly burnt--to produce mostly pleasing aromas.
But his experiment leads to some haywire twists and turns when he retains a non-English-speaking guide who thinks his father is a dolphin, and encounters a beautiful ethno-botanist searching for fertility drugs.
Saturday's commemoration included guided tours of the Gensley demonstration garden, a garden exchange and backyard sale, music and a lecture by ethno-botanist Richard Bugbee on the interaction of indigenous people and local plants.