Ethnic Cleansing

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A form of genocide in which one population group systematically kills another, often within the borders of its own country—e.g., the killing of Muslims in the former Yugoslavia, or Kurds in Iraq—based on differences in ethnic origin. Ethnic cleansing is often regarded as synonymous with genocide, but is defined as forced deportation or population transfer, which often escalates to genocide. The escalation point is sometimes called murderous ethnic cleaning
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A cross can also be seen at the centuries-old Muslim village of Pocitelj, ethnically cleansed by Croat forces during the war.
The Yazidi people are being ethnically cleansed and their women are being subjected to the most brutal treatment.
We are people without a home and there are millions of us who still have their home keys and deeds to their houses, with which they fled when they were ethnically cleansed from Palestine when Israel invaded and destroyed their villages.
The number of cities, towns and villages which were completely destroyed and ethnically cleansed that spring is estimated at 531.
The same Turkey has in the last 36 years ethnically cleansed from their homes 200,000 Greek Cypriots, killed 6,500 of them, deployed 43,000 occupation troops, brought in 160,000 Turks to cement its occupation, destroyed churches, synagogues and cemeteries, while it continued to oppress and kill thousands of Kurds in Turkey.
Isdud, a farming community to the north of Gaza's current border, was ethnically cleansed, in the months after the expulsions began in May 1948.
Should we be ethnically cleansed like you suggested?
Now they sit on their hands as genocide begins in Sudan, where 30,000 have been murdered and 840,000 ethnically cleansed in the last year.
The town, which had several seventeenth-century mosques, was ethnically cleansed of Muslims by Croat forces in 1993.
Foreign Secretary Robin Cook said reconnaissance showed the village had been ethnically cleansed and turned into a Serb military base.
The Palestinians, for example, are struggling with Jews who stole their lands and ethnically cleansed the indigenous people.
That's my dream," said Abbas Alshaer, a refugee from the ethnically cleansed village of Aqer when asked about return.