Ethnic Cleansing

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A form of genocide in which one population group systematically kills another, often within the borders of its own country—e.g., the killing of Muslims in the former Yugoslavia, or Kurds in Iraq—based on differences in ethnic origin. Ethnic cleansing is often regarded as synonymous with genocide, but is defined as forced deportation or population transfer, which often escalates to genocide. The escalation point is sometimes called murderous ethnic cleaning
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Gen Clark said new troop plans were important "because frankly, the conditions in Kosovo today, as a result of President Milosevic's ethnic cleansing, are much worse than they were at the time of the Rambouillet negotiations".
He quoted her as saying that ethnic cleansing for people in Scotland was "on the horizon".
She wanted to impress upon Slobodan Milosevic that his security forces were being held responsible for massive ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, and that the international community has rejected Serb claims that the exodus was prompted by Nato bombing.
For the first time today we heard of ethnic cleansing of ethnic Albanians .
And I go through the hours of a Monday or a Tuesday and I do not forget what is happening to all the victims of so-called ethnic cleansing and, particularly, I do not forget the women victims of so-called ethnic cleansing And I do not and I will not forgive the elected leadership of my country for its inertia and its silence and, therefore, its complicity with the evil of so-called ethnic cleansing.
Asked about ethnic cleansing, Ms Mark-ovic - head of a neo-communist party in coalition with her husband's Socialists - said: "There isn't any.
So, let us flat out say, ethnic cleansing is the privilege of the United States and Israel but not of the Slavs.
Some human-rights groups were critical of the program because, they said, it appeased the Macedonian government's mistreatment of refugees and because it sends a signal that Washington accepts ethnic cleansing as an accomplished fact.
Mr Blair said: "Milosevic must withdraw his forces from Kosovo, he must cease the policy of ethnic cleansing and he must allow an international force in to allow people to return to their homes and villages.
He claimed the SNP are driving the English out of Scotland - a form of ethnic cleansing - and said Mr Salmond was like Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic, who is clearing Kosovan Albanians from Kosovo.
At least eight Harrier GR7s were launched from the Gioia del Colle air base in southern Italy yesterday to hunt down army and paramilitary units accused of carrying out ethnic cleansing in the war-torn Yugoslav province.
The ethnic cleansing proceeded apace from the moment the first bombs dropped.

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