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Abbreviation for electrostatic unit.

electrosurgical unit



A device used to cut and coagulate tissues during surgery, using alternating current that changes direction at a frequency of between 500,000 and 3,000,000 hertz. An ESU is an alternative to other cutting tools, such as surgical blades or lasers.
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The risk of insulation failure and arcing to tissue can be minimized by limiting the ESU output to a low-voltage "cut" waveform, both for cutting and for desiccation/coagulation of blood vessels or vascular pedicles.
The new Hatchery Listing Policy, issued in 2005, again provides that hatchery fish will be included in ESUs with their genetically similar wild cousins.
ESU, college and Network Nebraska staff all share in the monitoring of individual sites' traffic and can, on a moment's notice, shut down a rogue location, if overtaken by viruses or malware.
Martin said: "Everyone's a winner ( I see my idea brought to life, we create work for disadvantaged local people and every ESU we sell will mean that approximately another quarter-of-a-tonne of household waste will be recycled, thus helping councils achieve their compliance targets.
Most workshops were held at ESUs or school computer labs because access to 20 or more computers at one time was required.
for over a millennium the closest thing to the ethic of J esus existing
7) Less than eight ESUs or supporting one or less than one labour unit (Structural Funds Ex Ante Evaluation, 1999).
At that time Rainer Scherschel wrote his book Der Rosenkranz: das Jesusgebet des Westens (The Rosary: the Jesus Prayer of the West) in order to show that the West has its own J esus Prayer in the Rosary.
Additionally, the court highlighted the NMFS's inconsistent actions regarding dependence upon voluntary actions in the context of other West Coast salmon ESUs.
Scientists are currently so riled up over ESUs because the recent abundance of genetic information enables them to begin applying a decade's worth of theories.