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n one's interest in land or other property.
estate planning,
n a detailed, written-out plan (usually arrived at with the advice of estate counselors) in which all the financial affairs of the dental professional are clearly stated and provisions are made for alterations when changing conditions warrant it.
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NAEPC is a national organization of professional estate planners and affiliated local estate planning councils dedicated to establishing and monitoring the highest professional and educational standards.
Regardless of the extent of your net worth, estate planning is important for everyone.
It is our hope that they know estate planning is an effort to be responsible," he says.
The firm's services include tax preparation, business accounting, payroll services, financial planning, estate planning and administration, and divorce financial services.
Solid estate planning may be the best gift a newly married couple can give each other.
Repeal of the federal estate in wouldn't end the need for estate planning, and could complicate it, according to an estate attorney and financial planner based in Summit, N.
A lot of people are intimidated by estate planning because they think it's only for older people or rich people,'' Lewis said.
This more deliberative approach to estate planning is known as "Values Centered Estate Planning.
Symposium attendees will be able to chose from two tracks: Financial Planning, as well as Succession and Estate Planning.
Succession planning is the major issue in family businesses; until you have the succession plan in effect, you can't really do the estate planning," says Jeffrey Galant, tax partner at Goodkind Labeton Rodoff & Socharow, who specializes in family-owned companies.
Estate planning for families with a member who has a disability is different from other types of estate planning, because there is so much more that has to be done.

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