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(1) Acute Stroke Study.
(2) Auckland Stroke Study.

adjective Referring to the buttocks and anus.

noun The buttocks and anus.


see donkey.
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With the Essen real-time, live-cell analysis platform, we will add another key technology for advancing and accelerating drug discovery applications to our lab divisions' portfolio," said Joachim Kreuzburg chief executive officer of Sartorius.
Essen BioScience is being acquired from SFW Capital Partners, a specialist private equity firm that invests in mid-sized analytics-related businesses.
Administrators were appointed to take over Bath-based von Essen after it went down in April after racking up debts of pounds 250m.
Following the collapse of Von Essen in April last year with debts of nearly pounds 300m, Mrs Reen said it had not initially been their intention to buy back the hotel as she had been due to retire in September last year.
Andrew Onraet, the company creative director at Von Essen hotels, said 'Von Essen Hotels has historically specialised in traditional country house hotels, and the Hotel Verta is the first establishment in our Metropolitan portfolio.
1 -- 2) At left, James Mellon, right, and Kevin Bailey have transformed the former American Renegade Theatre into the NoHo Arts Center, which is off and running with its inaugural production, ``Dorian,'' above, starring Armelia McQueen and Max von Essen.
These kinds of things just run in cycles," said Van Essen, who has some transactions in progress.
Speaking at the ceremony, Commissioner Von Essen thanked Bruce Ratner for his generous contributions to the fire department, both before and after Sept.
For "Arbeit Essen Angst," twenty-seven artists from around the world were invited to cover the themes of work, leisure, and fear.
We look forward to supporting Wind River's customers with the smallest standards-based graphics solution possible for their embedded applications," added Von Essen.
In the old industrial town of Essen in Germany, a new use has been found for part of a defunct mining complex, in the process restoring a magnificent legacy of the past and providing inspiration for the future.