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(1) Acute Stroke Study.
(2) Auckland Stroke Study.

adjective Referring to the buttocks and anus.

noun The buttocks and anus.


see donkey.
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Arabia Essen Welding & Cutting 2013 will focus on welding, cutting and surfacing.
She added: "We don't regret the Von Essen phase, as we learnt a lot regarding various systems, such as issues of legality and health and safety.
Von Essen acknowledged that the International Association of Fire Fighters has endorsed Democratic candidate John Kerry, but he said he believes that a majority of rank-and-file firefighters across the country are Republican and predisposed to support the president.
Speaking at the ceremony, Commissioner Von Essen thanked Bruce Ratner for his generous contributions to the fire department, both before and after Sept.
But for the most part, "Arbeit Essen Angst" relied on artists in their twenties and thirties.
Mr Malik's nightmare began just days before Christmas when he received a call in Birmingham, inviting him to make the trip to Essen.
Von Essen said the political in-fighting which has engulfed him since the terror attack has also taken its toll.
Nevertheless, Kurt Jooss (a student of Rudolf yon Laban), who had been forced out of Germany with his company during the Hitler years and built a considerable reputation and audience in England, returned to his base in Essen.
We look forward to supporting Wind River's customers with the smallest standards-based graphics solution possible for their embedded applications," added Von Essen.
In the old industrial town of Essen in Germany, a new use has been found for part of a defunct mining complex, in the process restoring a magnificent legacy of the past and providing inspiration for the future.
CHICAGO -- Chicago-based investment manager Emil van Essen, LLC announced that its flagship Spread Trading Program won BTOP awards for Best Defensive (Diversified) and Greatest Returns (High Volatility - Diversified) at the inaugural Managed Futures Pinnacle Awards ceremony held Monday night in Chicago.
The city of Essen, represented by the Essen system house, the delivery of various IT / wireless system components in open procedures intended to forgive.