erythorbic acid

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er·y·thor·bic acid

An optical isomer of ascorbic acid used as an antioxidant.
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Sodium acid sulfate, citric acid and malic acid inhibited some browning, while sodium erythorbate and the combination of sodium acid sulfate, citric acid and sodium erythorbate prevented browning.
Sodium erythorbate is a chemical food preservative used to protect the color and flavor of meat, vegetables and processed foods.
Antioxidant Products: Ascorbic acid, sodium erythorbate
But the sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) or its cousin, sodium erythorbate, that companies add to their cold cuts diminishes the already-small risk.
Under the agreement, Pfizer will plead guilty in Federal District Court in San Francisco to one count of price fixing of sodium erythorbate, a food additive, and one count of market allocation of maltols, flavor enhancers.
Fortunately, most manufacturers now add ascorbic acid (vitamin C) or sodium erythorbate, which help keep nitrosamines from forming.
fortunately, every luncheon meat we looked at that was cured with nitrite also contained either sodium ascorbate vitamin C) or a close relative, erythorbate.
Table 13: World Antioxidant Preservatives Market by Type (2011): Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales for Erythorbates,Butyl Hydroxy-anisole (BHA), Herb Extracts, TertiaryButyl-hydro-quinone (TBHQ), Tocopherols, ButylHydroxy-toluene (BHT) and Propyl Gallate (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II-21Antioxidants - The New Fad
Sodium chloride is always incorporated with nitrite in the curing system as well as ascorbates or erythorbates, used as cure accelerators, and also to provide other beneficial effects.
Table 13: World Antioxidant Preservatives Market by Type (2011): Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales for Erythorbates, Butyl Hydroxy-anisole (BHA), Herb Extracts, Tertiary Butyl-hydro-quinone (TBHQ), Tocopherols, Butyl Hydroxy-toluene (BHT) and Propyl Gallate (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-21 Antioxidants - The New Fad
Value Sales (in US$ Million) by Type for Erythorbates, Butyl