errors and omissions insurance

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er·rors and o·mis·sions in·sur·ance

(ĕr'ŏrz ō-mish'ŭnz in-shŭr'ăns)
Professional liability insurance for medical transcriptionists.
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today announced the launch of its Strategic Defense Program, which will create a powerful panel of experienced and seasoned real estate defense attorneys charged with improving the litigation climate and addressing the affordability and availability of errors and omissions liability insurance in California.
TitlePac(R), the largest single producer of title E&O in the United States, and KEMPES, a Kemper company, Monday announced a new partnership under which TitlePac(R) will underwrite title agents, abstracters and escrow agents errors and omissions liability insurance, on behalf of KEMPES.
The kidnap and ransom coverage expands our product line capability, which currently includes specialty lines such as directors and officers and errors and omissions liability insurance.