errors and omissions insurance

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er·rors and o·mis·sions in·sur·ance

(ĕr'ŏrz ō-mish'ŭnz in-shŭr'ăns)
Professional liability insurance for medical transcriptionists.
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and the entertainment practice leader for Chubb worldwide, new financial structurings in the entertainment and media business are being brought to bear on all areas of insurance, including errors and omissions.
Miscellaneous Professional and Technology Services Liability -- errors and omissions liability insurance for professional service firms including those that may provide technology services in addition to professional services.
What we have seen historically, there aren't more errors and omissions," Sally said.
An important part of risk management involves purchasing Real Estate Errors and Omissions insurance from a financially strong insurance company to protect you and your business.
MediKey provides coverage on behalf of the insured to settle or appeal an audit, as well as for civil penalties and fines, including defense, litigation, auditing and consulting costs arising from allegations of billing errors and omissions (subject to policy limits, terms, conditions, and exclusions); protection in the event of unforeseen, unwarranted, and unanticipated increases in Medicare/Medicaid payment denials (subject to policy limits, terms, conditions, and exclusions); extended levels of indemnification, with coverage limits of up to $5 million; and cash flow continuity, ensuring uninterrupted operation and patient service during dispute resolution.
The proposed bill would exact penalties of 50 percent of the amount of the corporate tax understatement from corporate employees for simple errors and omissions shown on their employers' income and excise tax returns.
The Born of the Spirit program has numerous errors and omissions and a defective methodology.
We wanted to make the purchase of Errors and Omissions Insurance less cumbersome and believe we have succeeded with the introduction in 2008 of the Real Estate Express Application.
For instance, outsourcing jobs can lead to an employment practices liability lawsuit alleging discrimination and/or wrongful termination, and an expansion of products or services can increase a company's risk of an errors and omissions lawsuit.
Currently, practitioners must inform clients promptly of any noncompliance, including errors and omissions.
He may have errors and omissions insurance for his work as an architect, but chances are he does not have general liability insurance.
Section (20)(10)34(2)(b) lists the errors and omissions that are never considered inconsequential for purposes of the failure to file correct information returns penalty.