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An error—errata is the plural—identified in a printed periodical which indicates that a substantial error was identified in the work
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49) Although opposing counsel is entitled to bring out the fact that the errata sheet was generated after the witness consulted with his attorney, the substance of that communication is protected by the attorney-client privilege.
See also Taylor, Depositions, Errata Sheets, Reopening, and Termination, 70 FLA.
The motel also argued that the errata sheet served as nothing more than an affidavit.
The notice stated that the defendant would reopen the petitioner's deposition to examine him in connection with information contained in the errata sheet, the preparation thereof, and the source of the information.
Case 3:12-cv-00657-JAG-DJN - SICPA's Memorandum in Support of Motion to Strike Errata Sheets : http://www.
Ensure that they, your client, and other fact witnesses have received copies of their own depositions and have completed the errata sheets as necessary.
Overall, those who find their sacred text in nature must be able to live with errata sheets.
Needing an alternative bug detection approach, 0-In followed up the Stanford research with a study of bugs in errata sheets, bugs that caused silicon turns, and bugs found late in the design cycle.