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Hudson-Allez (2006) described three categories in which the stalking victims were therapists and the stalker was a current or prior client: stalkers who were unable to deal with the ending of the therapeutic relationship, stalkers suffering from erotic transference within the therapy sessions (similar to the erotomanic or delusional stalker described above), or stalkers suffering from a personality disorder.
Stalking behaviors will be described as falling into one of three categories: nuisance stalking, delusional or erotomanic stalking, and stalking by students with identified psychological problems.
Rose learns too that the erotomanic subject's passion typically emanates in the social and legal phenomenon familiar today as stalking, and may (as in Mark David Chapman's murder of John Lennon) devolve to lethal violence.
Because in Enduring Love McEwan focuses on how the erotomanic subject's behavior affects the protagonist and his sense of moral responsibility, however, he does not really address this question.
Most have erotomanic delusions, and the rest have morbid infatuations with the victim.
Orion wondered whether wearing a casual blouse and skirt above the knee stimulated the ensuing erotomanic and stalking behavior by a female patient.
There are three types: the simple obsessional, love obsessional and the Fatal Attraction-style erotomanic.