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Ernest, English physicist and Nobel laureate, 1871-1937.
rutherford - obsolete term for a unit of radioactivity.
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Lord Ernest Rutherford is considered the father of nuclear physics and also the most famous scientist from New Zealand.
The work, giving birth to the study of nuclear physics, is carried out by John Cockcroft and Ernest Walton, under the direction of Ernest Rutherford at the Cavendish Laboratory.
Li, who was a physicist studying under Ernest Rutherford at Cambridge in England during the late '30s, when Japan and China were at war.
1918: Ernest Rutherford revealed that he had managed to split the atom.
A FORCE OF NATURE: The Frontier Genius of Ernest Rutherford
Ernest Rutherford (1908) spent his critical years at McGill and received his award in Britain as a citizen of United Kingdom although he was born in New Zealand.
This effect was taking place at a scale smaller than atoms, Ernest Rutherford surmised.
Remembered as the founder of atomic energy, Ernest Rutherford was born in New Zealand and after receiving a master's degree from Canterbury College, Christchurch, he went to Cambridge in 1885 to work under Sir JJ Thomson at the Cavendish Laboratory.
The Chemistry Nobelists Name Award Field Year Ernest Rutherford Disintegration of elements and chemistry 1908 of radioactive substances Marie Curie Discovery of radium and 1911 polonium Frederick Soddy Chemistry of radioactive 1921 substances and origin and nature of isotopes Francis Aston Discovery of isotopes of 1922 many elements by mass spectroscopy Harold Urey Discovery of heavy 1934 hydrogen Frederic Joliot & Synthesis of new radio- 1935 Irene Joliot-Curie active elements George de Hevesy Isotopes as tracers in 1943 chemical research Otto Hahn Discovery of atomic 1944 fission Glenn Seaborg & Discoveries of 1951 Edwin McMillan transuranium elements Willard Libby Development of radiocarbon dating 1960
1871 Birth of New Zealand physicist Ernest Rutherford, (1st Baron Rutherford), who pioneered modern atomic science:
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