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Erikson, Erik

a psychologist who described the development of identity of the self and the ego through successive stages that naturally unfold throughout the lifespan. The eight stages are trust vs. mistrust (infancy); autonomy vs. shame and doubt (toddlerhood); initiative vs. guilt (preschool); industry vs. inferiority (middle childhood); identity vs. role confusion (adolescence); intimacy vs. isolation (young adulthood); generativity vs. stagnation (middle adulthood); and ego integrity vs. despair (older adulthood).
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Dolan said she was at the town's Fall Festival manning the library booth, helping children decorate pumpkins, when Erik and his father came over.
Erik senior, 42, who works offshore, and Sharon, 35, who works at the Metro Diner in South Shields, of Warkworth Street, South Shields, were ecstatic to find they were expecting a baby after deciding they would probably not have children.
BY NIGHT mum-of-two Christina dons stockings and suspenders and makes an arresting sight as she romps with half-Swedish muscleman Erik - known as The Viking - in hardcore movies.
Erik was in a sour mood as injuries had kept him from getting any photos done on the trip.
Shortly after his defection, Nureyev traveled to Copenhagen to perform and train with the Danish Royal Ballet, largely because he wanted to meet and study the technique of ballet star Erik Bruhn.
Erik knew that a blind woman named Joni Phelps had climbed the 20,320-foot Mount McKinley in 1993.
In addition, Erik Benson, managing director of Voyager Capital, has joined the Board of Directors, effective immediately.
24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Erik Ireland Olsen and Madeleine Meyer's long anticipated debut EP is released today.
EAST BROOKFIELD Erik Hunderup, 76, of East Brookfield passed away quickly and peacefully on 3/4/10.
Erik Fleischer's artistic abilities blossomed at Hart High School, where his parents will meet with Principal Gary Fuller to propose an art scholarship in his memory.
40 years of quality, service and integrity have brought us to where we are today," said Erik Johnson, founder of Erik's DeliCafe.