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Erikson, Erik

a psychologist who described the development of identity of the self and the ego through successive stages that naturally unfold throughout the lifespan. The eight stages are trust vs. mistrust (infancy); autonomy vs. shame and doubt (toddlerhood); initiative vs. guilt (preschool); industry vs. inferiority (middle childhood); identity vs. role confusion (adolescence); intimacy vs. isolation (young adulthood); generativity vs. stagnation (middle adulthood); and ego integrity vs. despair (older adulthood).
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At 33, Erik already wanted to have a baby, she explained.
Erik described his struggle with bipolar disorder, and knew both his mother's grief and her forgiveness.
With the head and oil pan removed, Erik could tell one piston was stuck as the result of rainwater entering through the muffler, but that piston refused to loosen.
22, and his party invitation to classmates, friends and relatives reads: "You're Invited to Erik's 8th Birthday Party; in lieu of presents, Erik is requesting a tax-deductible donation to the Shrewsbury Public Library.
Erik is now 61 and a grandad Caster Semenya ERIK AS A WOMAN IN 1965 At 17, she was noticing she wasn't like others ERIK AS A MAN IN 1970 After op, he lived like a playboy
Sharon, whose sister has also recently had a baby Alfie, said: "I am very tired after the operation but everyone has been great and Erik is fantastic.
Beefy 14 stone Erik travels the country escorting prisoners between crown courts.
And he would make outrageous statements like telling Erik "You got married?
In deals dated 16 August Stein Erik Hagen and his investment companies Canica AS and Stein Erik Hagen AS acquired a further 250,000 shares in Steen & Strom for NOK90 per share.
Rudolf fell in love with Erik the dancer first, and the man second, though the two became inextricably linked in his mind everafter.