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Our new valve builds upon the proven reliability of our EPX valve technology, features a new ergonomical design and is 100% air-powered -- no more axle generator or battery while still providing our customers with universal technology -- the smart valve.
The stylish and ergonomical design features three exciting chameleon covers which change color according to the phone's position and light.
8 ounces, Pronto brings together total home entertainment control, complete command customization, an intuitive interface and a unique, ergonomical design.
Their services include complete ergonomical engineering, consultation, installation, training, and service.
a California-based manufacturer of ergonomical space savers, designed for use in home offices and small businesses.
These issues have significantly increased the importance of dental surgery furniture and equipment in terms of design and safety which has led to a dynamic industry, driven by technical, design and ergonomical aspects of the products.
Contour includes many "new wave" features, including a swing away front end, sculptured door panels, ergonomical interior, an extruded aluminum space frame and a lightweight plastic/composite body.
The bike features a unique ergonomical frame design that prohibits strain on the arms, wrists and shoulders.
The company said that the iSpot's ergonomical design and white casing have been specifically designed to compliment the image of Apple products.
Luckily, even if consumers don't immediately understand the ergonomical benefits of the design, they are curious about the novel foldout chair.
Additional panel functions are said to make the machines more ergonomical for operators and format changeovers are now easier to carry out because the stretching parameters are managed directly from the HMI and no longer within the machine.
in Windham, which manufactures ergonomical pointing devices and protective cases and accessories for mobile electronics, including iPhone cases for brands such as Kate Spade, Tory Burch and Fender.