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Hugo, German chemist, 1862-1910. See: Erdmann reagent.
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Erdmann, who grew up in Victorville, a small town in Southern California, took up photography in high school, went on to study at the University of California, Irvine, and now lives in Los Angeles.
Saying that when he donated the fish he had expected the Indonesians to do any naming, Erdmann protests Pouyaud's publication of a name.
With Vaughn and the emergence of Oklahoma's Nate Erdmann, Utah could be secure in the backcourt.
Lois Erdmann invited the young pageant winner to speak about her faith at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Bismarck, N.
Scheduled speakers include legendary art director and author Ruth Ansel ; photographers Tony Duran , Neal Barr , Sheryl Nields , Robert Erdmann , Rasmus Mogensen , Ben Hassett and Amber Gray ; and documentary director Steven Kochones .
Additional specimens of some of these new species were obtained from the Raja Ampat area by Mark Erdmann on subsequent visits.
Erdmann - Lyndsey Billington and Zach Erdmann, of Eugene, a son.
Plastic surgeon Matt Erdmann said: "I had not seen one as bad as this in years.
Plastic surgeon Matt Erdmann said: "Without this surgery, Tyler would have grown accustomed to a rudimentary type of pincer grip between the fingers and would have been disadvantaged throughout school and in the workplace, using his hands for manual tasks.
Petty Officer Erdmann works in the power-plants shop at VFA-15.
Another catch this July, as well as local lore, convinced Erdmann that the Indonesian island of Manado Tua has living fossils in its reefs.
Zoo keeper Dirk Erdmann whispers into the ear of Gobi, a 3-year-old camel at the Munich Zoo.