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(där′wĭn), Charles Robert 1809-1882.
British naturalist who revolutionized the study of biology with his theory of evolution based on natural selection. His most famous works include Origin of Species (1859) and The Descent of Man (1871).
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Erasmus Darwin was a founding member of the Lunar Society of Birmingham, the members of which were referred to as "Lunaticks.
On these days, to be held once a month, the city's Erasmus Darwin House Museum in Beacon Street will not charge its usual admission but will instead ask the visitor to give whatever they feel they can afford.
The portrait of Erasmus Darwin, physician, natural philosopher, inventor and poet, is by Joseph Wright, of Derby.
Robert was born in 1766, the third son of Erasmus Darwin, and he became part of a very complicated family tree indeed.
It contains hundreds of letters to and from the great thinkers of the day, including Erasmus Darwin, Josiah Wedgwood, Thomas Telford, Elizabeth Montagu and Benjamin Franklin.
Another public art project the company was involved with was the creation of a stainless steel statue in Lichfield to commemorate Erasmus Darwin, a renowned scholar and grandfather of Charles Darwin.
Watt became a member of the Lunar Society and crossed paths with the likes of Josiah Wedgwood and Erasmus Darwin.
Lichfield has some cracking attractions, from Erasmus Darwin House (grandfather of Charles), the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum and the 800-yearold cathedral itself.
Matt Mansell, Sophie Lycett and Megan Collins, all 14, and Evie Hinks 16, all pupils at Erasmus Darwin Academy in Burntwood, are vying to represent Lichfield and Chase area on the UK Youth Parliament, a national body of elected young people who want to make a difference on a local and national scale.
17) See also my two books on Darwin's work, which shaped my notions of the comic response to the enormity of the materiality of nature and, more recently, the enormity of the fascist and totalitarian versions of this materiality in our time: Erasmus Darwin (New York: Twayne, 1973); and The Comedian as the Letter D: Erasmus Darwin's Comic Materialism (The Hague: Nijhoff, 1974).
A poem written by Erasmus Darwin published in 1789 gave a description of the great city which would arise on the shores of the wonderful harbour.
Richardson is careful to acknowledge that the scientists (the word itself was not coined until 1834), Erasmus Darwin and Charles Bell from England, F.