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n a free and reasonable claim or right; fairness; impartiality. The money value of a property or of an interest in a property in excess of claims or liens against it; a risk interest or ownership right in property.


1. a justifiable share; one likely to be recognized as a fair share in an equity court.
2. total assets less total liabilities.

equity capital
the value of the capital involved in the enterprise. Includes assets less liabilities, expressed as a fixed sum.
percentage equity
absolute equity expressed as a proportion of the total worth of the enterprise.
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He had joined Bank of America in 2007 as co-head of equity capital markets.
The buyers today are not the institutions of the 1980's, and since supply always rises to reach demand, there are plenty of deals to support the ever-increasing cheaper sources of equity capital.
Bulk of the equity capital investments last May were sourced from Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States.
Also, the firm provides oversight to NGP Energy Technology Partners, a $148 million fund investing growth equity capital in companies providing technology-related products and services to the oil and gas, power and alternative energy sectors.
Majority of the equity capital investments came from France, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the United States.
UBS has named Stuart Mackay as its head of equity capital market origination for Asia excluding China, and Sam Kendall as its Asia head of equity capital market syndicate.
The sectors that contributed the bulk of equity capital infusions during the three-month period were financial and insurance, information and communication, manufacturing, real estate as well as wholesale and retail trade.
Kandiah would help build a regional and global equity capital market franchise, and is to be based in Singapore.
Equity capital also registered net inflows of US$708 million during the period, albeit lower than the year-ago level, as placements of US$1 billion more than compensated for the withdrawals of US$332 million.
Allied Capital Corporation is a specialty finance company that provides long-term debt and equity capital to middle market companies.
The BSP nonetheless noted that equity capital placements worth $63 million exceeded the $15 million in withdrawals during the month.
Equity capital investments likewise posted net inflows of US$79 million during the month.