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Referring to the equal chance of two events occurring
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Of note, in this case, the two elements of the set--mixture of heads and tails and no mixture--are not equiprobable.
Indeed, from the point of view of the information theory of Gibbs [33], Shannon [34], and Jaynes [35], every interference patterns, such that I(k) = 0 on the wires, are equiprobable (see Fig.
If the system has n possible states which are equiprobable ([p.
The asymptotic distribution of the number of key ex changes executed by Quickselect when acting on a random equiprobable permutation of length n and selecting an element of rank 1 = o(n) can be characterized by the above fixed-point equation, see Hwang and Tsai (2002).
Given the premise of equiprobable outcomes for each subject, this conclusion is correct: Calculations from a binomial distribution with p = .
Equiprobable and equal occupancy methods for the initial models are provided as well as iteration and rate of the error for the stop criterion.