equine infectious anemia

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equine infectious anemia

A viral disease in horses marked by progressive anemia, a staggering gait, and fever.

e·quine in·fec·tious a·ne·mi·a

(ē'kwīn in-fek'shŭs ă-nē'mē-ă)
A worldwide disease of horses and other equids, caused by equine infectious anemia virus marked by general debility, remittent fever, staggering gait, progressive anemia, and loss of flesh; it is transmitted by bloodsucking insects and by contact, oral infection, or the use of unsterilized syringes and needles.
Synonym(s): swamp fever (1) .
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One of the three horses had to be destroyed after it was found to have the Equine Infectious Anaemia virus - more commonly known as swamp fever - at the stables in Lintonville, Ashington.
A horse at the same racing centre as Danedream tested positive for equine infectious anaemia (EIA), also known as swamp fever, as a result of which German authorities look set to prevent her travelling to France for Europe's premier middledistance contest.
The yard at Lintonville in Ashington, Northumberland, was closed off with an exclusion zone imposed in September after an imported horse was diagnosed with the incurable Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA).
The yard in Ashington is under tight quarantine restrictions after one imported horse was found early this month to have the incurable Equine Infectious Anaemia virus.
World Horse Welfare chief executive Roly Owers told delegates to his organisation's annual conference in London that the recent appearance of equine infectious anaemia (EIA) in Britain for the first time in 30 years was evidence of a ticking time-bomb.
Defra vets in the UK and their counterparts in the Netherlands are tracing the movements of a consignment of six horses imported to this country in mid-August, one of which was later found to have the incurable Equine Infectious Anaemia, known as Swamp Fever.
A LEADING scientist has warned of the need for vigilance against the deadly equine infectious anaemia (EIA) disease, also known as swamp fever, which has been diagnosed in Britain for the first time in almost 35 years, writes Richard Griffiths.
One of six horses imported from Holland was diagnosed with the Equine Infectious Anaemia virus - otherwise known as Swamp Fever - at premises in Ashington and a restriction zone was immediately placed around the site.
HANDLERS of racehorses in Britain were last night put on red alert to look out for signs of swamp fever - equine infectious anaemia (EIA) - after the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs confirmed the first outbreak of the disease in Britain for over 30 years.
Examples of diseases which unexpectedly broke out in new locations recently include the equine infectious anaemia outbreak of thoroughbreds in Ireland in 2006, the bluetongue episode among sheep and cattle in Britain last year, and the equine influenza outbreak in Australia, also in 2007.
Webbon himself dealt with equine infectious anaemia - EIA, but better known as swamp fever - which he said was largely unknown in Britain until it exploded on to the scene in 2006, when 28 cases were diagnosed in Ireland.
A new code on equine infectious anaemia (swamp fever) has been included, after consultation with all equine sectors and the veterinary profession.

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