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Referring to an eponym; derived from a proper name, which is so fully integrated in the mainstream language that it is commonly written in lowercase—e.g., gram stain and, increasingly, pap smear
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The book retells the Anglo-Saxon ``Beowulf'' epic from the point of view of the eponymous hero's nemesis, Grendel, a monster.
In the awkward and monumental architecture of Ministry of Transportation, 2003, which depicts the eponymous building in a bleak rural setting that seems ready to rise up and reclaim its territory, this duality is characterized by sharp contrast.
His eponymous Foundation, now one of the island's most popular cultural attractions, was constructed around his former house, making use of existing lava bubbles to create an interlinked suite of subterranean rooms that has overtones of a Bond villain's lair.
In spite of a picture of dancer Frederick Saquette folding his scrotum over his penis and the brochure's--text "Everything you think dance is, Jerome Bel is not"--Whitehead claimed the festival had breached their contract with him by failing to make clear that Bel's eponymous work involved urination and manipulation of body parts.
Mahlsdorfs memoir, I Am My Own Woman, already inspired an eponymous film by German filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim.
Critics initially identified Daimler Chrysler's eponymous choice of location as a public relations debacle intended to symbolize the German/American firm's commitment to it's US roots.
For the two entrepreneurs it has been many countless days and sleepless nights, working on their new company, iotum, and its eponymous offering that really brings relevance to communications.
After all, the saucy maid betrothed to the opera's eponymous protagonist isn't exactly her metier - her patrician good looks and especially her manner suggest she'd make an ideal Countess, the opera's other female lead.
Kenny and Bill--Bad Newz, Grand Rapids, Minnesota, 2002, shows the eponymous teenagers posing with their guitars against the steel door of a walk-in cooler, perhaps at a restaurant where they bus tables or wash dishes.
And the exhibition is not about buildings either, apparently, for the eponymous pair do not believe in anything so conventional.
In the film (drawn partly from Sylvia Nasar's eponymous book), Rapp plays an aspiring physicist who meets Crowe's character in grad school.
Alt Spec has retained top-ranked firm Tolleson Design to create the first edition of its eponymous architectural industry sourcebook.