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The growth of one crystal in one or more specific orientations on the substrate of another kind of crystal, with a close geometric fit between the networks in contact; seen in the alternating layers of different composition in stones from the kidney and gallbladder, indicating an abrupt change of composition during formation.
[epi- + G. taxis, arrangement]
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eq] is not measured accurately in this experiment, the network strands, on which PP crystallizes epitaxially, must be too crowded to form the spherulite texture of PP.
We consider that these unusual phenomena found in high-speed spun low tacticity fibers are attributed to strong supercooling during melt spinning, caused by its slower crystallization rates and rapid cooling, and the subsequent increase of epitaxially branched lamellae.
The semiconductor industry recently announced a revolutionary advance in materials technology when a method was discovered to grow III-V semiconductor materials such as GaAs epitaxially on top of silicon (using an intermediate molecular layer).
ZnO nanostructures epitaxially grown on ZnO seeded Si (100) substrates by chemical vapor deposition Zhuo Chen1, T.
It is very likely that the lamellar crystals nucleate and grow epitaxially on the existing microfibrils and are organized in a "shish kebab"-like superstructure.
Isonics' ultra-pure wafers are composed of in isotopically pure silicon-28 layer epitaxially grown on a standard silicon single-crystal wafer.
High Mobility SiGe Channel pMOSFETs Epitaxially Grown on Si (100) Substrates with HfSiO2 High-k Dielectric and Metal Gate - demonstrates high-mobility pMOSFETs on high quality epitaxial SiGe films selectively grown on Si substrates using a CVD system.
Accordingly, the first peak of rubber A and the second peak of rubber B would represent a modified iPP phase which, because of a similar chemical or physical structure, could crystallize epitaxially on the copolymer PP substrate phase.
It uses state-of-the-art silicon-on-sapphire technology in which piezoresistive silicon gauges are epitaxially grown onto a sapphire diaphragm.
Details of this new contact, which is formed epitaxially on GaN, are described in the Nov.
All currently available GaN-based devices are necessarily grown epitaxially on less efficient non-native substrates such as SiC or sapphire.