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Organic substances (proteins) composed of amino acids that trigger and regulate chemical reactions in the body. There are over 700 identified human enzymes.


proteins made in cells that act as catalysts, ensuring speed and completion of all intra- and extracellular chemical processes. Each enzyme catalyses a specific biochemical reaction involving a specific substrate, most but not all within the cells themselves. Others are secreted by cells for external action, e.g. the digestive enzymes released into the gut. Enzyme names usually reflect their function or their substrate, e.g. dehydrogenases catalyse the removal of hydrogen in oxidative reactions and ATPases, the conversion of ATP to ADP. rate-limiting enzymes those acting within a complex chain or cycle, but having very much greater sensitivity than others to excitatory and inhibitory influences, thus effectively controlling flux in the whole pathway. isoenzymes (isozymes) multiple forms of enzymes that catalyse the same reaction, but with some different properties. See also muscle enzymes.

Patient discussion about Enzymes

Q. My muscle enzymes are at 355, my DR says normal is 200. She refered me to a Neurologist. What could be wrong? I am experiencing sore legs when I walk, weakness, and sometimes difficulty in swallowing. I am 46 I had a minor heart attack 5 yrs ago with a stent placed in my LAD. I am on Crestor 10mg. my Dr. has adjusted the dosage several times and used other drugs but it doesn't change the results much if at all.

A. Crestor itself may cause elevated muscle enzymes (you probably refer to Creatine Kinase, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creatine_kinase). However, weakness and swallowing problems may raise the suspicion of a disease of the nerves or muscles.

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