Environmental Protection Agency

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),

n.pr a federal agency charged with the approval and overseeing of the use and disposal of hazardous materials. Workplace management of hazardous materials falls under the jurisdiction of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
EPA registered,
adj indicates that an object or substance has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.
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Environmental Protection Agency, the World Health Organization and the Agency for Toxic Substances Disease Registry are among the agencies that do not consider chromium 6 to be carcinogenic when swallowed.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 1989] and included confirmatory ions.
By working cooperatively with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Governor's Office, and recognizing the leadership provided by Governor Rod Blagojevich and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Director Doug Scott, we have developed a long-term solution that enhances the standing of our Midwest fleet as the cleanest-operating group of coal-fired power generation assets in Illinois and among the lowest-emission coal fleets in the U.
Most risk assessments look at single chemicals acting on single target organs with single outcomes, but that's not the way [exposures] work in nature," says Nigel Fields, a research program manager at the Environmental Protection Agency, which funded Reinisch's project.
This legislation reflects the kind of bipartisan commitment to public health and environmental protection that the president has called for,'' said Carol Browner, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded effort to identify high-performance, environmentally friendly computer equipment.
Environmental Protection Agency, to review current strategies for developing human health models and scenarios in the context of global environmental change, particularly global climate change, and to outline a research agenda that effectively characterizes the interplay of global change with the health of human populations.
California Air Resources Board: IARC's action is one reason why the California Air Resources Board (CARB), a division of the California Environmental Protection Agency, now recommends that homeowners, builders and architects use formaldehyde-free building materials when building a home or remodeling.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements will eliminate most remaining ozone-precursor emissions, even after accounting for growth.
Environmental Protection Agency Renewable Fuels Standards program.
Ewaste Eddie's was also created to change consumer behavior through social marketing to increase electronics reuse, reduce ewaste, recycle electronics and to buy electronics with recycled components through public awareness and education," said Al Chaney, a retired solid waste specialist formally with the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA).

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