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a definable system which produces a commodity or groups of related commodities. On a farm there may be only one or several, e.g. grass seed production, lamb production, fat sheep sales, wool production, wheat production.

Patient discussion about enterprise

Q. I am looking for an Enterprise-wide Hospital Management Software to run a tertiary level of care Hospital. The software should be an ERP taking into account all the hospital's operation from reception to admission, tranfer, to discharge, including facility management, account department operations to house keeping and Human Resources Management

A. Not really my field, but googling would give you plenty of results, and this one (http://www.business.com/directory/health_care/facilities_and_health_systems/facilities_management/) might be a good place to start your search.

Also, here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_open_source_healthcare_software) you can find a list of open source healthcare software you may find usefull.


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CUTLINE: A graphic illustration from "That Guy: The ABC's of EnterPrize Personalities," shows one of the featured workplace personalities, "Jejune.
If this meant Grace Enterprize was charging people to find work, it was committing a criminal offence.
It proposes an additional $800 million in new funding for discretionary grants for distressed cities and towns, and enterprize and empowerment zones.
I have plenty of work always;--so much this year that, in obedience to my family & friends, I have given up a considerable enterprize.
The Hodgman Government will always be open to creating opportunities to compete in the digital economy and with the launch of Gigabit in Hobart, our Digital Ready program and Enterprize Innovation Hubs, we are focused on ensuring greater digital literacy among business leaders, as well as students.
Active Ashbrow is a funded by social enterprize Fresh Horizons and aims to encourage intergration of the community and prevent older people becoming isolated in their own homes.
A North Tyneside Council spokeswoman said the judicial review would cause a delay that could put Enterprize Zone cash benefits at risk.
By Billy and Ewan Exciting enterprize s After coming second in the final of Newcastle Building Society's Boardroom Challenge last year, Year 6 continue with enterprise.
On Teesside, the Tees Valley LEP oversees the allocation of regional growth fund money - and is also behind the setting up of an Teesside enterprize zone which aims to draw in investment through lower business rates and less red tape.
Tom Lawton, Birmingham-based partner and head of manufacturing at BDO, says: "There is a real willingness to recruit and the Enterprize Zones will only increase the demand further - this is great news, but the key issue is that it is very difficult for employers to find people with the adequate skills set to fit the role.
Sponsors included Enterprize Variety Stores, in Gosford Street, and the scenery used by loaned by the GEC Variety Society and the YMCA.
Action on vacating an easement for Wildish Construction, adding the Springfield Social Gaming/Texas Hold 'em Poker Card Tournament to the city ordinances, extending an enterprize zone for Symantec Corp.